Fine Hygienic Holding

Fine Hygienic Holding

Company Overview
Celebrating 60 years of achievements, innovation and impacting surrounding communities, Nuqul Group today runs different investments and industries led by an empowered 5800 team members spanning several continents. Nuqul Group embodies two major holding entities; FINE Hygienic Holding (FHH) being the umbrella for paper mills, FINE hygienic paper companies and supporting industries; while The Promise Holding includes diverse investments in different sectors and modes. Its line of business covers a wide range of products including the core business of hygienic paper (paper mills and converting). Investments have a wide range of products including ready mix concrete, printed packaging material and stationery. Moreover, Nuqul Automotive has the exclusive dealership for Audi, VW, Porsche and Skoda brands while the Integrated Automotive is the dealer for Lamborghini and M.A.N. Nuqul Group represents a variety of different brands such as: FINE and ABC stationery. Integrity and honesty stand at the core of the Group’s business ethics, stemming from a firm belief that no business is sound unless it is built on foundations with values. The Group goes to great lengths to ensure that people with the same cultural ethos are hired and nurtured. The Group’s business ethics, as well as the Group’s dedication and productivity, is constantly monitored and encouraged, with those showing the most commitment to the values of Nuqul Group immediately being recognized and supported. Innovation stands at the heart of the work of Nuqul Group. Members of the Group are encouraged to continuously seek ways to improve products and services and to come up with novel ideas. Commitment to quality and excellence also stands at the cornerstone of Nuqul Group's values; excellence in work, in production, delivery and customer care. Nuqul Group companies, owners, and managers have been recipients of numerous awards. From 'Best Exporter' to 'Best Factory Scheme', and King Abdullah II Award for Excellence, the awards given to Nuqul Group are testimony to the Group's commitment to providing excellence and quality in all facets of the business. Awarded eight of these in the past three years alone, Nuqul Group's track record demonstrates the core values that drive its business: innovation, excellence, commitment, and quality, among many other. While the main efforts of the Group are directed towards industry and investment, it does not spare any effort to reach out to its surrounding communities. The Group views "Growing Together" as a conviction that committing itself to those around it will enhance mutual understanding, trust and partnership. Service to the Group’s communities is a priority, as Nuqul Group views corporate philanthropy and social responsibility and volunteerism as important values integrated within the Group’s strategy.
Why Work for Us
As our chairman, Mr. Elia Nuqul, quotes “If you like your work you are in an endless vacation”. At Nuqul Group, we work hard to provide optimal working conditions following high ethical and cultural standards as well as promising career paths and competitive salaries and benefits, such that each member of our team is empowered to be the best he or she can be.