Business English Test

Akhtaboot has developed a cutting-edge test for Business English that is the first of its kind in the Middle East and Gulf region. The test covers all elements of a candidate's Reading and Listening skills, and uses a diverse range of question types that are all customized for the Non-Native English speaker.

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Why Business English?

Multi-Cultural Business Environment

English is a key requirement and used in essential daily communication within and between companies in the region, especially in the Gulf.

Effective Workplace Communication

Good knowledge of Business English is a key element that facilitates seamless communication between colleagues within the workplace.

Aptitude-Based Filtering

Your company can use a candidate's level of Business English as a credible filtering tool to differentiate between applicants and make the right hiring choice.

Identifying Weaknesses and Ways of Improvement

The detailed report provided by the test is extremely helpful in clearly highlighting areas of improvement to guide the development of your current human capital.

Why Is This Test Unique?

Business Focus

The test is not a general test of the English language, but rather a focused test of English proficiency in the work environment.

Reliability of Results

A wide range of statistical analysis, interviews and split-half reliability techniques were done in order to insure the results accurately reflect the true level of a candidate.

Employee Selection & Evaluation

The test is designed for, and can be effectively used during the recruitment and selection process. It can also be used to get a clearer understanding of existing employees skill sets.

Designed for the Arab World

Designed by experts in linguistics, the test has regionally relevant content and accents, and is customized for testing the English language challenges of non-native English speakers.

Professionally Developed

The test was developed by a team led by a PhD in linguistics from Georgetown University in the United States with expert knowledge of both English and Arabic.

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